Using a Voucher Code

Important Note Before Beginning:

If you have purchased multiple voucher codes for the same product you will need to checkout one product at a time in order to apply the voucher codes. Only one code may be used at a time.
Ensure your shopping cart is empty. If you have any items in your cart then place your mouse cursor over the bold Shopping Cart button (top right of screen), wait for the drop down cart box to appear and then press the "x" (remove button) next to the product price.

You are now ready to begin:

1. Click on the link to the product you have purchased (Your Deal Site have sent this to you). Select your preferred options and relevant deal quantities from the drop down pickers and click to add to cart.

2. You'll be automatically taken to the View Cart screen.

3. Check the 'Use deal site voucher code' button and enter your unique voucher code supplied by your Deal Site. It's best to copy and paste this directly from the email you've received from them.

4. Press Apply Coupon and the sub total price should be reduced accordingly (bottom right of screen).
If the voucher does not reduce the total then you will see an error message at the top of the screen which will indicate one of the following:

5. Continue to checkout, adding your details and paying any remaining balance or postage and packaging charges to complete your order.

Please note, delivery charges are calculated per item and cannot be reduced for multiple purchases. There will therefore be one delivery charge for each voucher redeemed. Please do not ask us to waive any delivery charges as we are unable to do so for multiple purchases to the same address.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) I cannot see anywhere to add my voucher at checkout?
A) You have gone too far. Please ensure that you view your cart (via the shopping cart link) before proceeding to checkout. Here you will be able to apply your code to register the discount.

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